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I am Kristin Veck and with my sister Liz Veck we founded Butterfly Blue Designs in February 2009.  The name Butterfly Blue Designs is comprised of both of our grandmothers favorite things:  our paternal grandmother (Florentine Veck) loved the color blue and our maternal grandmother (Elizabeth Bradford) loved butterflies.  They were our teachers in embroidery, needlepoint, sewing, crochet and whatever else we wanted to do and most importantly they taught us to embrace our creativity.  We greatly miss both of them and wish they were here to see us pursue this dream (but we know they are watching and they absolutely love everything we create).

Now back to our story...  after several years of badgering from friends and family to sell our creations we got brave, created an account on Etsy and posted our first item.  The item that started it all was a decorated piece of sheet metal that we used to display all our travel magnets.  My sister and I LOVE to travel almost as much as we love to craft.  The only touristy thing that we buy on our travels are travel magnets -- and we have a lot of them.  Anyway, everyone who saw it, loved it and wanted it.  The only problem with it was that it was made from sheet metal which weighs quite a lot, costs lots of $$$ and we had no way to cut it.  So we spent 4 hours at a Lowe's one Sunday walking around with a magnet looking for a lightweight material we could cut and was cost effective.  Needless-to-say we found the perfect material and so it began...

About this time in our story (sometime before the Portland CKC), Liz and I wondered if our friend Heidi Lively Melton would be interested in joining our crafting adventure.  Heidi is famous for making the most amazing Halloween costumes, matching shirts, dresses and purses for the Crawfish festival, various dog outfits and always winning most completed scrapbook pages at the scrapbook crops we attend.  She is a crafter by nature and we were so excited when she agreed.  And thus the Heidi, Kris and Liz Butterfly Blue team is born.

Next on our list of things to learn about were markets, shows and festivals. We knew that the Etsy shop would not be enough to kick start this business -- we knew we were going to need to go on-the-road.  As we had never done anything like this before, we had no clue where to start and after a bit of internet searching we discovered we were having a hard time finding places to go.  One good lead was Salem Saturday Market and we went full steam to become a member of the market.  We had to pass a jury (only good quality hand crafted item allowed) and buy a tent, some tables and start designing a booth.  We built the booth in my living room so we could try out different ideas before we went to our first market -- oh my that was entertaining.

On the morning of Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 5:15 AM we headed out to the Salem Market and sold our wares live and in person for the first time.  Since then we have attended 4 other Saturday markets (5/30,6/20,7/11, 8/15), Polk County Flea Market and the Tualitan Crawfish Festival (8/8).  Whew!  It has been a busy summer and the fall looks even crazier with all the Holiday markets.

It is hard to believe it has not even been a year since we started.  We have learned so much and we have so many ideas.  As we move forward with new ideas and new adventures we will share them in this blog.  We hope you enjoy following our adventure as much as we enjoy sharing it.  Talk to you soon!

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